Our mission to innovate plant-based

Innovating the purest and most nutritious plant-based ingredient solutions that blend seamlessly into any food or drink

Our origins

Prof. Ram Reifen
An expert in human nutrition searches for the perfect plant protein
Prof. Ram Reifen, a pediatric gastroenterologist and professor of human nutrition, founded ChickP in 2016 following a years-long quest in search of the perfect plant protein. 
East Africa
Searching for the highest quality
His journey took him to an East African community where he helped develop a baby formula from locally-grown chickpeas. Captivated by the crop’s nutritional profile, high protein content and global abundance, Prof. Reifen dedicated the following years to assessing its potential to serve as a new global source for plant-based protein.
In the lab
The chickpea reveals its potential
With colleagues at Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Faculty, he pioneered the extraction and debittering of chickpea protein to create the world's first chickpea protein isolate. This versatile protein can address nutritional deficiencies, support athletes, and meet the growing demand for sustainable plant-based meat and dairy alternatives.
ChickP is born
Global IP Protected
Dr. Reifen’s patented protein extraction process set the foundation for ChickP, a fast-growing foodtech company continuing to innovate plant-based solutions from the humble but powerful chickpea.

For a world where healthy, plant-based solutions are available without compromise

Our Leadership

Prof. Ram Reifen
Founder & CSO
Roi Wurgaft

ChickP Team

Karina Simonsen
Key Account & Sales Manager
Maor Dahan
Head of Applications Development
Tali Yom Tob
Head of Finance
Ori Yunovitch
QA & RA Manager
Noa Noach
R&D Technologist

Advisory board

Lu Ann Williams
Innova co-founder
Global market research firm dedicated to FMCG.
Denis Chereau
Improve GM
European platform for the R&D of proteins
Eli Zinal
Alternative Protein ExpertFormer CTO, Tnuva Dairies

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