Better for consumers. Better for food manufactures.
Better for the planet.

Driven by a desire to create a protein that essentially helps feed the world while benefiting consumers and food manufactures, Professor Ram Reifen founded ChickP in 2016.

Our team of world-renowned foodtech, biotech and nutrition experts have spent years at the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environment at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, researching and finally developing patented technology that delivers the world’s first pure protein to be produced from chickpeas.

Over the course of several years, Professor Reifen’s work took him to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, where he carried out basic and applied research, led multiple studies involving chickpea cultivation, the development of chickpea-based weaning foods, and immunological studies related to this legume.

While working as a researcher and paediatrician in Ethiopia, gastroenterologist and professor of human nutrition Professor Ram Reifen observed a difference in the development of children who grew up in villages, compared to those who grew up in big cities.

Studying the subject, he came to understand that the villagers were not consuming enough proteins, minerals and vitamins, as a result of which their children suffered from delayed growth. Although there was a good supply of chickpeas growing in the rural areas, rather than eating them, the villagers preferred to sell the crop in exchange for goods.

Prof. Ram Reifen

“Being so readily available in developing countries, chickpeas have great potential for solving the challenge of how to feed the growing world”

says Prof. Reifen.

“This understanding has been the driving force that has led us to the point where today, we are delighted to present to the world the first ever highly-versatile, nutritious, 90% pure plant protein, to be produced from chickpeas.
This is a significant breakthrough; it’s a known fact that promoting a plant-based diet is the most effective strategy for addressing the needs and challenges of our changing planet.
In comparison to the production of animal protein, ChickP’s protein production requires less land, water, and energy, and cumulatively results in less greenhouse gas emissions. So, we’re not only helping to feed a growing world, we’re also not harming the planet in the process.”

Our mission is to bring plant-based proteins to the next level by providing the highest-quality pure protein available, with unsurpassed functional, nutritional, and organoleptic properties.