This New Vegan Cheese Is Made from Everyone’s Favorite Legume

ChickP, a food-technology company in Israel, is showcasing vegan cheese prototypes made with its chickpea protein isolate, which is neutral in flavor and 90% protein.

In a recent Smart Protein Project survey conducted across 10 countries, cheese was found to be the leading animal product consumed, but respondents showed a strong desire to switch to a plant-based version.

ChickP hopes to inspire food producers to fast-track alternatives to dairy cheese by offering its vegan cheeses, which the company insists are made using traditional processes without stabilizers or gums.

The company plans to develop plant-based prototypes for popular cheeses such as Emmental, Parmesan, and mozzarella and is working with companies in the cheese industry to provide raw materials, recipes, and technical expertise.

ChickP previously demonstrated the functionality of its chickpea protein as an egg replacer in mayonnaise and developed a prototype for dairy-free ice cream together with the international ice cream chain VANIGLIA, Ltd. The premium vegan ice cream is made extra creamy with the help of ChickP’s chickpea protein isolate. ChickP’s chickpea isolate is also being used by Canadian company Daiya Foods in its vegan cheese formulations.

Chickpea brine, or “aquafaba,” can also be used as a replacement for egg whites in a variety of applications, including mayonnaise, whipped cream, marshmallows, and meringue.

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Food-tech company ChickP is showcasing the potential of chickpeas in its new vegan cheddar and cream cheese.